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MIB全球专车bte365网站 provides this 隐私政策 to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, 使用, 保护, and disclosure of Personal Information received from your 使用 of this website, 位于 hbbs8.kdjcz.net, 以及所有相关网站, 应用程序, 浏览器扩展, 以及bt365备用网站提供的其他bte365网站(集体), 连同本网站, bt365备用网站的“bte365网站”), 还有bt365备用网站的客户, 供应商, 与合作伙伴的关系. This 隐私政策 also tells you about your rights and choices with respect to your Personal Information, and how you can reach us to update your contact information or get answers to questions you may have about our privacy practices.

The website and its content is owned by MIB全球专车bte365网站. 术语“你”指的是用户或观众 hbbs8.kdjcz.net.

本隐私政策描述了bt365备用网站如何收集信息, 使用, 处理和分发你的信息, 包括用于访问本网站的个人资料(定义如下).

We will not 使用 or share your information with anyone except as described in this 隐私政策. 通过bt365备用网站的网站收集的信息的使用应限于本隐私政策和bt365备用网站的客户使用条款下的目的.

请仔细阅读本隐私政策. bt365备用网站保留权利 改变 this 隐私政策 on the Website at any time without notice. 如果发生重大变化, we will let you know via email and / or a prominent notice on our Website.

使用您提供给bt365备用网站的任何个人信息或贡献, or which is collected by us on or through our Website or its content is governed by this 隐私政策. 通过使用bt365备用网站的网站或其内容, 您同意本隐私政策, 不管你有没有读过.


为了本隐私政策的目的, “Personal Information” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual. We obtain Personal Information relating to you from various sources described below.

在适用情况下, we indicate whether and why you must provide us with your Personal Information, 以及不这样做的后果. 如阁下未按要求提供个人资料, 您可能无法从bt365备用网站的bte365网站中受益,如果这些信息是向您提供bte365网站所必需的,或者法律要求bt365备用网站收集这些信息.

bt365备用网站向您收集个人信息,以便在使用bt365备用网站的网站或向您提供bte365网站时为您提供积极的体验. We will only collect the minimum amount of information necessary for us to fulfill our obligation to you. bt365备用网站可以收集:

  1. 一个名字和电子邮件地址,这样bt365备用网站就可以发送bt365备用网站的确认, 收据, bte365网站更新, 向您发送旅行/交通警告和通讯-您将在bt365备用网站的联系表格中提供这些信息,即表示您明确同意.
  2. 帐单信息,包括姓名, address and credit card information so that we can process payment to deliver our services to you under our contractual obligation.
  3. A name and an email address if you complete our contact form with a question. bt365备用网站可能会在您同意的情况下向您发送营销邮件,或者根据您的联系方式或问题,bt365备用网站认为bt365备用网站有合法的利益与您联系.

Please note that the information above (“Personal Data”) that you are giving to us is voluntarily, and by you providing this information to us you are giving consent for us to 使用, 收集及处理此个人资料. You are welcome to opt-out or request for us to delete your Personal Data at any point by contacting us at info@hbbs8.kdjcz.net.

如果您选择不向bt365备用网站提供某些个人资料, 您可能无法参与bt365备用网站网站的某些方面.



保持bt365备用网站网站的高质量, bt365备用网站可能会使用您的IP地址来帮助诊断bt365备用网站bte365网站器的问题,并通过识别网站的哪些区域使用最频繁来管理网站, 并根据您的偏好显示内容. Your IP address is the number assigned to computers connected to the Internet. 这本质上是“交通数据”,不能识别你的个人身份, but is helpful to us for marketing purposes and for improving our services. Traffic data collection does not follow a 使用r’s activities on any other websites in any way. Anonymous traffic data may also be shared with business partners and advertisers on an aggregate basis.


像许多网站, we also 使用 “cookie” technology to collect additional website usage data 及改善本网站及bt365备用网站的bte365网站. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive. 会话cookie启用本网站和bt365备用网站bte365网站的某些功能,当您断开连接或离开本网站时,会话cookie将从您的计算机中删除. A persistent cookie remains after you close your browser and may be 使用d by your browser on subsequent visits to the Site.

Persistent cookies can be removed by following your web browser help file directions. 大多数互联网浏览器自动接受cookie. MIB全球专车bte365网站可能同时使用会话cookie和持久cookie,以更好地了解您与本网站和bt365备用网站的bte365网站之间的交互方式, to monitor aggregate usage by our 使用rs and web traffic routing on the Site, 及改善本网站及bt365备用网站的bte365网站.

We may also automatically record certain information from your device by using various types of technology, 包括“清除动图”或“网络信标”.” This automatically collected information may include your IP address or other device address or ID, Web浏览器和/或设备类型, the web pages or sites that you visit just before or just after you 使用 the Service, the pages or other content you view or otherwise interact with on the Service, 还有你拜访的日期和时间, 访问, 或使用本bte365网站. We also may 使用 these technologies to collect information regarding your interaction with email messages, 比如你是否开过, 点击, 或者转发消息, 在适用法律允许的范围内.

您可以指示浏览器, 通过编辑选项, to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. 请注意,如果您删除, 或者选择不接受, 来自bte365网站的cookie, you may not be able to utilize the features of the Service to their fullest potential.





We may contact you with information that you provide to us based on these lawful grounds for processing:

  1. 同意. We may contact you if you give us your clear, unambiguous, affirmative consent to contact you.
  2. 合同. We will contact you under our contractual obligation to deliver the services you purchase from us. 这包括与您沟通,以创建和管理您的帐户, 提供各种bte365网站, verify your account preferences and to 回复 your inquiries and for informational and operational purposes, 例如帐户管理, 客户bte365网站, 或系统维护, including by periodically emailing you service-related announcements; the creation and management of your account, bt365备用网站提供bte365网站并回应您的询问.
  3. 合法权益. We may contact you if we feel you have a legitimate interest in hearing from us. 例如, 如果你预订机场接送的话, we may send you marketing emails regarding additional services that you might be interested in. 您将始终有选择退出bt365备用网站的任何电子邮件.


We will 使用 the Personal Data you give to us in order to process your payment for the purchase of services under a contract. We only 使用 third-party payment processors that take the utmost care in securing data and comply with the GDPR.


We may 使用 the data you provide to us to run social media advertisements and/or create look-alike audiences for advertisements.


We may share your information with trusted third parties such as our newsletter provider in order to contact you via email, bt365备用网站的商人帐户处理付款, 以及谷歌/社交媒体账号,以运行广告.


bt365备用网站可能与总部共享个人信息, 附属运营商, 为向您提供本隐私政策所述的bte365网站和目的,bt365备用网站有合理的必要或可取的披露您的数据的业务伙伴.


Note that whenever you voluntarily make your Personal Data available for viewing by others online through this Website or its content, 可以看到, 由他人收集和使用的, 因此, we cannot be responsible for any unauthorized or improper 使用 of the information that you voluntarily share (i.e., 在博客上分享评论, 在bt365备用网站管理的脸谱网群组中发布信息, 分享小组辅导电话的细节, 等.).


MIB全球专车bte365网站与政府和执法官员或私人机构合作,执行和遵守法律. 在适用法律允许的范围内, bt365备用网站可能会向政府或执法官员或bt365备用网站认为有必要或适宜调查的私人方披露您的任何信息, 回复, 并对索赔进行辩护, 法律程序(包括传票), to protect the property and rights of MIB全球专车bte365网站 or a third party, 保护MIB全球专车bte365网站免于责任, 为了公众或任何人的bte365网站, 防止或制止任何违法行为, 不道德的, 欺诈, 虐待, 或者是合法的行为, to protect the security or integrity of the Services we provide and any equipment 使用d to make the Service available, 或者遵守法律.


Personal Data that you provide to us is stored internally or through a data management system. 阁下的个人资料只会被协助索取的人士查阅, 管理或存储该信息, 或有合法需要知道该等个人资料的人士(i.e., our hosting provider, newsletter provider, payment processors or team members).

需要注意的是,bt365备用网站可以在国际上传输数据. 适用于欧盟用户, please be aware that we transfer Personal Data outside of the European Union. 使用bt365备用网站的网站并向bt365备用网站提供您的个人资料, 您同意根据本隐私政策进行这些转移.


We retain your Personal Data for the minimum amount of time necessary to provide you with the services that you requested from us. We may include certain Personal Data for longer periods of time if necessary for legal, 合同和会计义务.


使用本网站的某些功能, 包括bt365备用网站的预订系统或其他自动化工具, 您可能需要用户名和密码. You are responsible for maintaining the 保密 of the 使用rname and password, 你负责所有的活动, 不管是你还是别人, 这发生在您的用户名或密码和您的帐户. We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to protect your 使用rname, 密码或帐户信息. 如果您与他人共享您的用户名或密码, 他们可能会查阅您的个人资料,但您须自行承担风险.

You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized or improper 使用 of your 使用rname or password or any other breach of security. 帮助防止未经授权或不正当使用, make sure that you log out at the end of each session requiring your 使用rname and password.

bt365备用网站将尽最大努力保护您的用户名和密码的隐私,并在未经您同意的情况下不会以其他方式共享您的密码, except as necessary when the law requires it or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary, 特别是当披露是必要的识别, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to others or interfering with our rights or property.


MIB全球专车bte365网站 is very concerned about safeguarding the 保密 of your Personal Information. bt365备用网站采取旨在适当保护您的个人信息免受意外或非法破坏的行政和电子措施, 意外的损失, 未经授权的变更, 未经授权披露或访问, 滥用, and any other unlawful form of processing of the Personal Information in our possession. 请注意,没有任何bte365网站措施是完美的或不可逾越的. We take commercially reasonable steps to protect the Personal Data you provide to us from 滥用, 披露或未经授权的访问. We only share your Personal Data with trusted third parties who 使用 the same level of care in processing your Personal Data.

话虽这么说, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Data will always be secure due to technology or security breaches. Should there be a data breach of which we are aware, we will inform you immediately.

We will make any legally-required disclosures of any breach of the security, 保密, 或将您未加密的电子存储的个人信息的完整性,通过电子邮件或在bt365备用网站网站的显著位置张贴,在可能的最方便的时间内,在没有不合理的延迟的情况下向您提供, 符合(i)执法的合法需要或(ii)为确定违反范围和恢复数据系统的合理完整性而采取的任何必要措施 , 以及适用法律可能要求的任何其他披露.

当bt365备用网站处理您的个人信息的目的不再需要这些信息时,bt365备用网站还将采取措施删除您的个人信息,或以不允许识别您的形式保存这些信息, unless we are required by law to keep this information for a longer period. 当确定保留期时, bt365备用网站会考虑各种标准, 例如您请求或提供给您的bte365网站类型, bt365备用网站之间关系的性质和长度, 可能重新注册bt365备用网站的bte365网站, the impact on the services we provide to you if we delete some information from or about you, mandatory retention periods provided by law and the statute of limitations.



  1. Request information about how your Personal Data is being 使用d and request a copy of what Personal Data we 使用.
  2. Restrict processing if you think the Personal Data is not accurate, unlawful, or no longer needed.
  3. Rectify or erase Personal Data and receive confirmation of the rectification or erasure. (你有“被遗忘的权利”).
  4. 在任何时候撤回您对处理您的个人资料的同意.
  5. Lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if you feel we are using your Personal Data unlawfully.
  6. Receive Personal Data portability and transference to another controller without interference.
  7. 反对bt365备用网站使用您的个人资料.
  8. Not be subject to an automated decision based solely on automatic processing, 包括分析, 哪些在法律上或重大上影响你.


您可以随时通过所有电子邮件通讯页脚的“取消订阅”链接取消订阅bt365备用网站的电子通讯或更新. If you have questions or are experiencing problems unsubscribing, please contact us at info@hbbs8.kdjcz.net.


We take commercially reasonable steps to protect the Personal Data you provide to us from 滥用, 披露或未经授权的访问. We only share your Personal Data with trusted third parties who 使用 the same level of care in processing your Personal Data. 话虽这么说, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Data will always be secure due to technology or security breaches. Should there be a data breach of which we are aware, we will inform you immediately.


bt365备用网站有一个没有垃圾邮件的政策,并为您提供的能力选择退出bt365备用网站的通信通过选择退订链接在所有电子邮件的脚注. bt365备用网站已经采取了必要的步骤,以确保bt365备用网站不发送误导性信息,符合2003年的CAN-SPAM法案. bt365备用网站不会出售、出租或分享您的电子邮件地址.


bt365备用网站可能会链接到bt365备用网站网站上的其他网站. We have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of any other individual, company or entity whose website or materials may be linked to our Website or its content, and thus we cannot be held liable for the privacy of the information on their website or that you voluntarily share with their website. Please review their privacy policies for guidelines as to how they respectively store, 使用和保护您的个人资料的隐私.


bt365备用网站不会根据COPPA(儿童在线隐私保护法)和GDPR(欧盟一般数据保护条例)从18岁以下的任何人收集任何信息。. Our Website and its content is directed to individuals who are at least 18 years old or older. If we become aware that a child under 18 has provided us with Personal Information, bt365备用网站将从bt365备用网站的文件中删除这些信息.


加州居民有权要求披露bt365备用网站为其直接营销目的与第三方共享的个人信息类型, 和bt365备用网站一起分享的人, 在前一年. 阁下可透过以下联络bt365备用网站,索取有关披露的副本 info@hbbs8.kdjcz.net


bt365备用网站可能会使用您的个人资料, 如您的联系方式, 通知您本网站或其内容的更改, or, 如果请求, 向您发送bt365备用网站的附加信息. bt365备用网站保留权利, 由bt365备用网站自行决定, 改变, 修改或以其他方式更改bt365备用网站的网站, 其内容和本隐私政策. Such changes and/or modifications shall become effective immediately upon posting our updated 隐私政策. 请定期查看本隐私政策. 在更改和/或修改发布后,继续使用通过或在本网站获得的任何信息或其内容,即构成接受修订的隐私政策. bt365备用网站的隐私政策是否应该有实质性的改变, bt365备用网站将通过电子邮件或在bt365备用网站网站上的显著提示与您联系.


We are the data controllers as we are collecting and using your Personal Data. We 使用 trusted third parties as our data processors for technical and organizational purposes, 包括支付和电子邮件营销. We 使用 reasonable efforts to make sure our data processors are GDPR- compliant.


MIB全球专车bte365网站总部位于美国. bt365备用网站收集的个人信息可能会被转移到, 并存储在, 任何bt365备用网站的附属运营商, partners or service providers which may be inside or outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and Switzerland, 包括美国在内. 通过提交您的个人数据,您同意此类转移. 您的个人信息可能会被转移到与您最初提供信息的国家没有相同的数据保护法律的国家. 当bt365备用网站向其他国家转移或披露您的个人信息时, bt365备用网站将按照本隐私政策的规定保护这些信息.


This 隐私政策 may be updated from time to time for any reason; each version will apply to information collected while it was in place. bt365备用网站将通过在bt365备用网站的网站上发布新的隐私政策并说明最新修订的日期来通知您bt365备用网站的隐私政策的任何修改. 如有任何更改,建议您定期查阅本隐私政策.

In the event that the modifications materially alter your rights or obligations hereunder, bt365备用网站将作出合理的努力通知你的变化. 例如, 在作出重大更改后,当您首次访问本bte365网站时,bt365备用网站可能会向您的电子邮件地址发送消息或生成弹出式或类似通知. Your continued 使用 of the Service after the revised 隐私政策 has become effective indicates that you have read, 理解并同意本隐私政策的当前版本.

If you have any questions about this 隐私政策, please contact us at info@hbbs8.kdjcz.net.